Mahadevi Varma Is Today’s Google Doodle: Know All About The Celebrated Hindi Poet

Mahadevi Varma

New Delhi: Hindi poet, freedom fighter, women’s rights activist and educationist Mahadevi Varma, who celebrated the festival, was honored by Google with a doodle. In 1982, Mahadevi Varma received the Jnanpith award for his outstanding contributions to Indian literature on 27 April. Google is celebrating this day in honor of a changing poet. The Google Doodle, written by guest artist Sonely Zohra, keeps her thoughts beautifully. Verses below a tree by a miraculous afternoon field. Also known as ‘Modern Mira’, Mahadevi Varma was born on 26 March, 1907 in the Orthodox family in Uttar Pradesh’s Farukhabad.

Google India tweeted, “With passion for poetry, Mahadevi Verma has written his way to greatness. Today, we celebrate his contribution to the Indian Neo-Romantic Poetry Movement with nation’s independence and #GoogleDoodle.”

About Mahadevi Varma

She married in 1916 at the age of nine years of age, but she continued education at her parental home and at Allahabad’s Crossstridden Girls School.

Google wrote on Google Doodle of Mahadevi Verma, “Parents encouraged their daughter to pursue their education, whereas Mahadev Verma’s mother inspired her daughter to write Sanskrit and Hindi”.

While studying Masters in Sanskrit, she wrote her first verses secretly – her roommate and friend, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan (herself a famous poet) can be found.

“Today, Mahadevi Varma is considered one of the poem’s poets in Hindi literature,” Google Doodle Post said further.

The intense poetry of Mahadev Verma, and later, essays, is often focused on the experience of being a woman.

Mahadevi Verma championship of women’s rights and liked topics of tradition.

She was honored with Padma Bhushan in 1956, Sahitya Akademi Fellowship in 1979 and Padma Vibhushan in 1988. She died on September 11, 1987.


Life Of Mahadevi Varma


Famous Hindi poet, freedom fighter, educator and woman rights activist Mahadev Verma received the prestigious Gyanpit award for his priceless contribution to literature on April 27, 1982.

On Friday, Google celebrated the poet’s award by honoring the doodle in his honor.. He got Sahitya Akademi Fellowship in 1979. Doodle painted by guest artist Sonal Zohra,  Verma was honored with Padma Bhushan in 1956 and Padma Vibhushan in 1988.

Mahadevi Verma sitting on the left side of the frame, following a busy writing sunset, below a tree across the country. On the right side of the frame, his text has been shown in Devangiri script.

Born in a conservative family in Farrukhad on March 26, 1907, Mahadev Verma spent his childhood near Allahabad. Her father was a professor. He was his mother whom he encouraged to write in Hindi and Sanskrit, even though his parents wanted him to study more. It was also known as ‘Modern Mira’. She was married in 1916, when she was nine years old, but she continued to live at her parents’ house, studying at Allahabad’s Crossstridden Girls School.


Mahadevi Varma on November 20, 1983.

They read their works in public gatherings and went on to publish their work. . (Express photo by RK Sharma)

Gyanpeeth Award from then British PM Margaret Thatcher

Mahadevi Varma received the Gyanpeeth Award from then Britain Prime Minister Margret Thatcher on this day back in 1982. (Express Archives)

Archive photo of Mahadevi Varma

Hindi poet Mahadevi Varma (Photo: Express Archives)

Here is a rare recording of Mahadevi Varma

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