Cuba’s National Assembly announces Miguel Diaz-Canel as new president



Havana, Cuba (National ) For the first time in most Cubans  life, Castro will not be named the leader of the Communist-run island nation.


The National Assembly of Cuba National announced that the first Vice President Miguel Diaz-Kennel, 57, will replace Raul Castro as head of the Cuban National government.

Castro embraced Diaz-Kennel – who had not even been born, when Fidel Castro led the revolution in 1959 – during the session on Wednesday, all but sealed his position as the next president of the island. That session included a vote for a new leader, which was 603-1 in favor of Diaz-Kennel


Fidel Castro has long said that he is still expected to die in the office, but after the mysterious illness and intestinal surgery in 2008, he was forced to move forward from the post. He died in 2016.

His younger brother Raúl Castro pledged him as head of state, the Cuban National Communist Party and the island’s military, to make his revolution “prosperous and sustainable”.


Now Raúl Castro, 86, apparently convinced that the best way to determine the existence of his brother and his revolution is to start the transition, which can help to maintain it.


Born a year after Fidel Castro’s forces took control of the island, Mr Diaz-Kenn is the first person outside the Castro dynasty, which leads to Cuba in the decade.


He rose from the National Assembly on Thursday morning and took charge of the government, which elected him almost unanimous vote. Mr. Castro embraced him, took the boy’s hand in victory.


The climax of Mr Diaz-Canal’s slow and continuing bureaucracy comes from lingering loyalties for social causes – it is not “an extremist or not advanced”, Castro has said – but until recently he’s been behind the scenes for years


Now, as a leader, Mr. Diaz-Kennel suddenly takes a difficult balance act.


On top of that, Mr. Diaz-Canle should find out the frustration of the Cuban population with the speed of change on the island enthusiastically – without the heights of their predecessor revolutionary credentials.


Such accuracy has been a celebration of political power in Cuba since Fidel Castro gained control over the nation in 1959. In the coming years, Castro ruled Cuba with strong control under the control of the authorities, almost all of whom fought. With them in the revolution


In the end, Castro’s brothers had the most effective opposition time.


In 2006, Fidel Castro powered Raúl, died 10 years later at the age of 90. Raoul has made some major improvements for decades, and now he is creating another one – passing a torch for a new generation.


After opening the private investment and entrepreneurship to the economy, after expanding the country’s tour and re-establishing relations with the great foe, United States, Raúl Castro has chosen Mr. Diaz-Canal to fill his shoes.

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