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What is the real stories that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif-actor Tiger Zinda Hai are based separately?


On December 22, Salman Khan will return to silver screen for a research and analysis wing agent role in saving a stranded Indian national.


Tiger Zinda Hai, who also holds Katrina Kaif, is the sequel to 2012’s Ek Tha Tiger. Ali Abbas, Zafar-directed film Salman Khan’s RAW agent, will see Tiger’s Tiger in Tiger – where he was at the beginning of Ek Tha Tiger – Iraq.


Inspiration by true events, Tiger Zinda Hai promises to be a high-octane action thriller, because she tracks Tiger’s efforts to save 25 Indian nurses, held by a dangerous terrorist organization in Ichit.


Tiger Zinda Hai is inspired by the events of 2014, when after a few months of the new Modi government’s tenure, with the help of intelligence agencies, Indias Diplomatic Corps had kept 46 Indian nurses confidential. Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq


The complete details of the rescue are still difficult to come. Was a prominent Malaysian businessman acting active in the Middle East, protecting the release of nurses? Was India Government in touch with ISIS captors? And, was actually a ‘Tiger’ who went to Iraq, who went to rescue nurses physically from a certain death?


What do we know that all his brief custody, nurses, almost all of them from Kerala, were in touch with Ajay Kumar, after which India’s ambassador to Iraq and then the then Kerala Chief Minister Oman Chandi.


When the militants arrived

In June 2014, a nurses recruited by an agency based in Delhi worked in a hospital in north Iraq, in a hospital, which was the home of former dictator Saddam Hussein.


A few months ago, the Islamic state had emerged globally, taking out Iraqi forces from cities west and north, global militant groups in cities later declared a part of its “caliphate”.


In mid-June of that year, the Isis rebels arrived in the armpits and nurses, who had been limited to their hospital since they arrived in Iraq, heard distant voices from the war. Considering that they are facing a specific death, the nurses have called the Indian ambassador in Iraq madly.


On June 13 we called Indian ambassador Ajay Kumar to Baghdad and urged him to stay with him, “A Nurse told India Today that he remembered what happened in Iraq after a few days of his release. Other nurses came in contact with Kerala Chief Minister Oman Chandi.


Both the officials promised all help to the nurses but at the same time advised them to pay attention to the demands of the terrorists, do they come to the Techie Hospital? So, until the nurses waited, the voices of war came closer to one day when the Isis rebels reached the hospital.


The militants, however, went back, which Iraqi troops were in trouble to continue fighting. Then on July 3, the militants finally came to remove the nurses.


They arrived at 11.30 in the morning and asked us to leave the hospital in 15 minutes, they said they would bleed the hospital but wanted to take us to Mosul.


We immediately called the Indian embassy. A temples asked us to try and defend the terrorists, if they are not disappointed, they are going to go with them, they went bad he added.


The Captivity

The rebels put them on the bus, which took them to Mosul. During the journey to Mosul, nurses received suspicious phone calls from New Delhi officials. Officials requested to write to the nurses who can see from their bus windows.


Initial arrest, however, soon dispersed. According to a Hindustan Times report of 2014, nurses do not actually think of being in captivity.


A our fear was forced to hate us (initially), A later we found out in such unjust conditions, they saved us. On their mercy, they could have done anything to us, but they did not misbehave in any way or we Do not throw anyone, “said one nurse daily


The Release

Throughout the period, nurses were in touch with Chandi and Kumar because Indian officials were working fiercely behind scenes to protect women’s release. This, it turns out mostly, involves the establishment of some contact with the ISIS militants.


On July 4, the terrorists led the Indian officers to the lands of nurses in Iraq. “The terrorists returned and told us to go to the bus, took us to a place where the Indian Embassy officials were waiting for us.(Real Stories) The officials took us to the International Airport at 8.45 am,” said a nurse. After returning to the country today.


The government has not officially acknowledged that it was in touch with the ISIS militants. He did not even accept help from prominent Malaysian businessmen working in the Middle East.


Omani Chandi, however, said that some NRI businessmen involved in the efforts to rescue nurses. Malaysian NRI businessmen from the Middle East have helped significantly in introduction of Malayali nurses from the war-torn areas of Iraq and Libya. As you know, the situation is important and some of our traders have helped,” said the former Chief Minister of Kerala. News minutes earlier this year.


On July 5, nurses finally came back home, but Iraq was entering into more chaos and conflicts. A details sequel scenes that assure the release of nurses can never be revealed. But, as one of the most expensive moments for India’s diplomatic communities, the rescue will certainly go down.


So Tiger was a very brave agent in the secret agency of RAW this is Real Stories. 




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