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Black Friday Sales Is Day For Shopping.

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Black Friday is the next unofficial name of the fourth Tuesday in November, the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is considered as the beginning of the country’s Christmas purchase season since 1952.

Most of the retailers are very open during the night and offer promotional sales. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but California and some other states show “the day after Thanksgiving” as a holiday for state government employees, sometimes in exchange for another federal holiday like Columbus Day. Many non-retail employees and schools have Thanksgiving and the following Friday closed, with the following regular weekends, making it a week of four days, so that the number of potential buyers increases.

Since 2005, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States, however, despite news reports, at that time it was inaccurate, at that time it had long described it as the busiest shopping day for a long time. These same stories arise in the same year, creating a positive response, showing the shortage of dementia and stock.

In 2014, the Black Friday Volume dropped for the first time since the 2008 recession. 4-day Black Friday spent $ 50.9 billion on Saturn, which was 11 percent from last year. However, the US The economy was not in recession. Christmas withdrawal is important as a factor in the decline of Black Friday, as many retailers now spread their promotions throughout the month of November and December rather than concentrating on one shopping day or weekend.

For many years retailers were generally open to open at 6:00, but in the late 2000s, many people had 5:00 or 4:00 pm. This was taken to the new extreme in 2011 when some retailers were open for the first time at midnight. In 2012, Walmart and many other retailers announced that they would open most of their stores at 8:00

. On Thanksgiving Day, some employees have demanded a walkout. In 2014, stores such as Jaspippi, Best Buy, and Radio Shake were opened at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day, while stores at Target’s Day 6:00 were targeted at targets such as Target, Walmart, Belk and Sears. By opening in three states, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts, Thanksgiving prohibits large supermarkets, big box stores and department stores, as the reviewers are in reference to blue laws. The ban on Massachusetts is not a religion based “blue law” forcing employees to work on the big vacations, but the state’s normal day is part of the Rest Law. A bill to open stores on Thanksgiving Day was a public hearing on July 8, 2017.

Participate Countries For Black Friday Shopping.

  • United State

“For the day after Thanksgiving” to state government employees in the states of Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio , Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Black Friday is a shopping day for a combination of reasons. On the first day after Christmas’s last big holiday, it shows an unofficial initial mark of Christmas shopping season. In addition, many employers stop their employees as part of the Thanksgiving holiday week, to take advantage of this, most retailers in the big and small countries offer a variety of sales, including door/door / door items, limited to enticing traffic. In recent years, retailers have gone beyond the normal hour to maintain the edge or just stay with the competition. These hours should be open at 12:00 in the morning or on Thanksgiving Day and the sale price will start at midnight.

In 2010, Toys ‘R’ started selling Black Friday at 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day and then proceeded by offering free boxes of craolo cranes and coloring books until the supply ended. Other retailers such as Sears, Express, MK, Victoria’s Secret, Zumiez, Tilly, American Eagle Outfitters, Naik, Jordan, Puma, Aeropostale, and Kimmart, started the Black Friday sales in the early Thanksgiving morning and until 11:00 pm Ran. Friday evening. Forever 21 in the usual hours of Friday, went in the opposite direction and continued selling at 2:00 am on Saturday morning.

  • Canada

Larger population centers on the Lower Mainland in Lake Ontario and Canada have always attracted cross-border shopping in U.S. states, and Black Friday has become more popular in the United States, Canadians often travel to many cross-border deals since their low prices and strong Canadian dollar 2001. Were there. Beginning in 2008 and 2009, compared to the Canadian Dollar compared to the Canadian Dollar, some big Canadian retailers made themselves Black Friday deal prices to offend Canadians.

The biggest black Friday in 2012 was seen in Canada, as Canadian retailers tried to keep shoppers out to travel across the border.

Before the arrival of Black Friday in Canada, the most comparable holiday boxing day in terms of retailer’s impact and consumerism was. Black Friday in the US seems to cut deeper or more extreme prices for a retailer more internationally than Canadian retailers.

  • United Kingdom

          In the United Kingdom, the word “black Friday” is used in police and NHS in the context of Christmas before Christmas. It is a day when emergency plans are activated due to the increase in the number of workers in emergency services, as many people leave drinking on Friday before Christmas. Accidents can include the establishment of mobile field hospitals near the city center nightspots.

The popularity of the Black Friday in the UK seems to be increasing year by year. In 2016, the total cost of online retail sites on Black Friday 2016 was £ 1.23 billion, showing an increase of $ 1.1 billion + 12.2% in the same day in 2015.

  • Mexico    

In Mexico, Black Friday inspired the government and retailing industry to inspire, in which annual week’s deduction and elaborate credit terms, Al Bon Finn, meaning “good weekend” in Spanish. Al Bueen Finn has existed since 2011 and is held in November before Monday, in which the Mexican Revolution comes into effect from the original date of the holiday, which is taken following a specific government decision. To avoid workers “big” to the end of the week, to avoid the weekends on Monday, weekends, this weekend, big retailers increase their store hours and offer special promotions, including extended credit terms and price promotions.

  • Romania

And every year it grew bigger. Both of them announced the biggest sale of Black Friday in 2014. EMAG sold about 37 million euros, while Flanko’s sales were 22 million euros. Hundreds of retailers announced their participation in 2015 campaign.

In 2015, 11 million Romanians say they have heard about Black Friday. Which is 15% of the target segment, with 73%. Plan on purchasing something at 6.7 million Romania’s biggest shopping event of the year.

In Romania, Black Friday US Black Friday is a week before.

  • India

Black Friday in India is very little known because its shopping season is different. The busiest times for shopping in India are Diwali, followed by regional festivals like Ugadi and Pongal in South India, Ganesh in Maharashtra, Baisakhi in Punjab and Onam in Kerala. In the last decade, the sale of Independence Day has become a big attraction, however, most of the sales in India are for a week’s time.

A large number of e-commerce websites and large retail shopping centers contributed to such sales. Large e-commerce retailers in India, Black Friday and Cyber are trying to imitate the concept of shopping festivals from the United States on Monday. Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon offer discounted products to major festivals in India. In December, three days witness to the Great Online Shopping Festival. Where people buy from all major e-commerce players and big FMCG brands.

Since 2015, Google has now stopped GOSF, aiming to bring leading e-commerce players on the same platform. And promote online shopping in India. During the GOSF 2014 survey. It has stated that 90% of the customers are satisfied with the special discounts offered in GOSF. According to Google Trends, the interest on Black Friday is increasing every year. Compared to the search volume of Black Friday in November 2012 and November 2013, the increase is almost 50 percent.

  • France

French businessmen gradually retired 85% of retired giants like Apple and Amazon in 2014. Including Black Friday Consumer Craze for Discount French electronics retailers such as FNAC. And Auchan make online advertising while Darti also participated in the Monster sale once a year. Retailers announced the very American word “Black Friday” as “Vanderi Noir”. Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris in November of 2016. Some retailers used the name “Jar XXL” instead of Black France’s wrong.

  • Germany

In Germany, “Black Friday” retailer advertisements refer to “black week”. And “black shopping” in the English language, sales continue throughout the week. At the time of this sale, stores keep their normal working hours; And even when things gave at a low price, but the reduction in weekly prices usually do not reduce prices. In 2006, Apple was the first company to launch a special Black Friday campaign for the German market. In the first year, internet retailers have used new customers as an occasion to attract discounts. But bricks and mortar stores have already started. Adopting a Shopping Event For the first time. German consumers spent more than € 1 billion on Black Friday Saturday in 2016. According to a study for retail research studies. German consumers spend € 1.3 billion on Black Friday from cyber Monday four days until 2016.

  • Australia & New Zealand

In recent years, Black Friday has promoted to Australia by on-store and online retailers. In 2011, online shopping USA hosted an event on Twitter. Twitter users had to use hashtag #obffridine and allowed them to favorite and tweet favorite deals and discounts from stores. In 2013, Apple expanded its Black Friday deal to Australia, offering free shipping. And free iTunes Gift Cards with every purchase to customers. The deal promoted on their website, it reads “Official Apple Store – One Day Apple Shopping Event Friday, November 29”. Australia Post purchasable parcel forwarding service allows Australian customers to buy products from the US “Black Friday” deals. And send them to Australia. Numerous stores in the country run Black Friday promotions in Stroke and online stores across the country.

Black Friday started to start in New Zealand around 2013. In 2015, large retailers like Wirehouse, Noel Liming and Harvey Norman offered Black Friday sales.

  • Other Countries

In Norway, the Black Friday shopping mall started a promotional stunt campaign back. In 2010 to increase sales in the Norwegian outlet. Since its introduction, it has been promoting large and growing markets throughout the country every year.

Black Friday known as Costa Rica and Viernes Negro in Spain In Panama. Black Friday was the first celebration in 2012. Which is a step from the government to attract local tourism in the country’s capital city. It believed that according to the Government Immigration Census, the flow of approximately 35,000 regional tourists attracted.

In South Africa, Austria, and Switzerland. Black Friday Cell is the first of a joint sale by thousands of online vendors. Among them Zalando, Disney Store, Galleria Coffe and Sony. More than its first 24-hour run on November 28, 2013, 1.2 million people visited the site. Making it the largest online shopping event in German-speaking countries. There is also an increasing interest for Black Friday in Poland.

2014 marked as an introduction to Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Ireland, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, and Sweden.

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