Tesla CEO Elon Musk presents a $ 200,000 Roadster

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the new electric roadster in a surprise twist at the end of the planned explanation of its new semi-truck company, called Tesla Half.

It is astonishing that most of Tesla’s 30,000 employees did not know that the new Roadster was under development. A small group of Tesla designers and engineers, led by lead designer Franz von Holzzanne, worked on a new roadster at the same place of SpaceX, from the company’s design studio, Hornton, Calif, another company of Musk.

Von Holzsecel removed the roadster after the Tesla half, which was the end of the Musk’s presentation. After the entrance of the vehicle, closed the Hornhausen, then proceeded, to move back only at high speed – Hawthorne airport runway in the background.

This is not just the company’s first electric vehicle, which was a low-priced sports car sport from 2008 to 2010. Before Tesla began building its flagship electric car before the model was made about 2,500 original roads, the Model S.

The new Roadster is a four-seat roomer, with a removable top, and it’s fast. The fastest car will travel at speeds of 0 to 60 miles from one hour to 1.9 seconds and travel at the top speed of 250 miles (or more of a mask more).

This roadster, which will not be available until 2020, will have three motor and operate 620 miles on one charge. To keep track of it, it’s twice the size of Tesla’s other vehicles model S, Model X and Model 3.

It has a basic value of $ 200,000 and yes, there is already a reservation page. You only need $ 50,000 to make a deposit. Tesla rides after an immediate reservation.

The company also plans to build a series of $ 250,000 for the installer – you will need a deposit of $ 250,000 for one of these reservations.

Tesla wants to provide electricity to the big truck adding to its ambitions.


More than a decade after making cars and SUVs and, more recently, solar panels – Tesla Inc. Want to provide electricity to a new type of vehicle: big trucks

The company introduced its new electric semi tractor-trailer near its design center in Houston, California on Thursday night.

CEO elon Musk said that 500 miles (804 kilometers) are able to travel on semi-electric charges-but with full 80,000 pounds (36,287 kilograms) load-and less cost savings than fuel savings, low maintenance and diesel. Other factors Maske said customers can deposit up to $ 5,000 for half and production will start in 2019.

“We believe that it is a product that is better in every way with a feature standpoint,” Mask told fans gathered for the unveiling of Tesla. Mask does not reveal half the price.

This truck will have a Tesla autopilot system, which can maintain the speed of the set and may slow down traffic automatically. There is also a system that automatically keeps the vehicle in its lane. Musk said that some Tesla Samis can travel in a fleet, automatically following each other.

Mask said that Tesla plans to operate solar-powered “Megachargers” networks around the world. Which can take up to 400 miles after charging the truck for 30 minutes.

Moving with the goal of the Moss for the company to accelerate the change in sustainable transportation. According to government statistics, trucks are a part of the transport-related greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

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But at California-based company Palo Alto also achieves half at more chaos. Tesla is a behind-the-scenes production of Model 3, which waits 18 months or more for new customers. After purchasing Solar City Corporation last year, it is also increasing the production of solar panels. Tesla works on a pickup truck and a low-cost SUV and negotiates a new factory in China. Meanwhile, the company recorded a record $ 619 million in its quarterly record loss in the quarter.

On Thursday night, Tesla was amazed by fans with other products: an improved version of his first sports car, Roadster. Tesla says that the new roadster will have a range of 620 miles and the top speed of 250 miles (402 km). The car coming in 2020 will have an original value of $ 200,000.

Musk, too, pulled in many directions. He leads the rocket maker SpaceX and is in the other projects that are shallow, including high-speed transit, artificial intelligence research. And a new company that is open tunnel under Los Angeles to overcome traffic congestion.

Moody’s senior vice president and automotive analyst Bruce Clark state that “he is so close to his plate right now.”

Tesla is entering the semi-indecisive market. Demand for electric trucks expected to increase in the next decade, as the US, Europe, and China all tighten their emissions rules. Sales of electric trucks in the year 2016 were 4,100, but in 2026 it expected to grow by more than 70,000.

But most of the growth is expected to be small, medium-duty hobbers, such as garbage trucks or delivery vans. It can be 100 miles (160 kilometers) or more limited to a truck, which requires less expensive batteries. They can fully charge overnight.

On the other hand, long-haul half-trucks will expect to go further, and it will be challenging. At present, there is a little charging infrastructure on the Global Highway. Bryan Irwin, the managing director of the North American Industrial Group for consulting firm Accenture, says that without the promise of fast-charging Tesla. A mid-sized truck would need two-hour stops to cut the efficiency and profits of the companies.

Irwin says that truck companies will have to look at the market carefully, because the rigid rules on diesel or up-gradation of infrastructure can make electric trucks faster efficient, helping to make electric trucks more attractive than diesel.

But do not make trucking a specific bet for low-cost Tesla. He faces tough competition from long-established brands like Daimler AG, which unveiled its own semi-prototype last month.

“These are people of the business, not fans, and they need to be sure. This truck better for their balance sheet compared to the existing technology. Maybe it based on specs. But it not necessary that Slam Dunk is,” Rebecca said, Kelly Blue Executive Analyst Lindland in the book.

Mask said that Tesla will guarantee semi-portray for one million miles to reduce the worries of consumers.

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