The Honorable Usain Bolt.

The Honorable Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt
Jamaica’s Usain Bolt wins the men’s 100-meter final during the athletics competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Full Name:- Usain St Leo Bolt.

Nick Name:- Lightning Bolt.

Nationality:- Jamaican.

Born:- 21 August 1986(Age 31) Sherwood Content, Jamaica.

Residence:- Kingston, Jamaica.

Sport :- Track & Field.

Event:- Sprints.

Club:- Racers Track Club.

Usain St. Leo Bolt OJ, the CD a retired Jamaican runner. It is the first person to have a world record of 100 meters and 200 meters because full automatic time has become compulsory. It has a world record as part of the 4 × 100-meter relay. At these three events, he is an Olympic champion. Because of their dominance and accomplishments in the sprint competition, they widely considered to be the best runners of the best times.

Moreover, Eight-time Olympic gold medalist Bolt won 100 meters, 200 meters and 4 × 100 meters of a relay in three consecutive Olympic Games, however, he won one of the gold medals after nine years after teammate Carter disqualified for doping. Criminals got worldwide popularity for double sprint victory at World Records in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Bolt is the only sprinter to win the 100 meters and 200 meters titles at the Olympics in three consecutive Olympics, which is known as “Triple Double”.

Eleven-time world champion, who won the World Championship 100-meter, 200-meter and 4×100 meters relay gold medal from 2011-2015, was the exception of a 100 meter wrong opening in 2011. He is the most successful athlete. Moreover, World Championships and competition were the first athletes to win three titles in both 100 meters and 200 meters.

Bolt improved his first 100-meter record with 9.69 in 2009 with 9.58 seconds – the biggest improvement since the start of an electronic period. He broke the 200-meter world record, set 19.30 in 2008 and 19.19 in 2009. He has helped Jamaican relieve the world record of three 4 × 100 meters relay. The current recordsets 36.84 seconds in 2012. Bolt’s most successful event is 200 meters, with three Olympic and four world titles.Also, The 2008 Olympics was an international match more than 100 meters. He had previously won the 200 m medal (including the 2007 World Championship Chaplain) and holds world and under-20 world records under the World-20 for the event.

Similarly, His achievements as a runner earned him the media nickname “Lightning Bolt”, and his award includes the IAAF World Athlete of the Year. Track and Field Athlete of the Year and the Lawrence World Sportsman of the Year (four times). Bolt retired after the 2017 World Championships.

 Early Year

Bolt was born on 21 August 1986 in Sherwood content. In the small town of Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt’s son in Jamaica. He has a brother named Sadiki and a sister named Sriram. His parents used to run a local grocery store in rural areas, and Bolt played cricket and football in his cricket with his brother, later saying. “When I was a little young, I did not really think of anything other than sports. ” As a child, Bolte attended the Vladadienia primary, where he first started showing his ability to run, running for annual parlance of national primary schools. By the age of twelve, Bolt had become the fastest runner in the school by a distance of 100 meters.

 Professional Athletics Career

 2017 Season

At the 2017 World Athletics Championships, Bolt received an overheating heat after a slow start to 10.07. In his semi-final, he improved to 9.98 but was beaten by Christian Coleman from 0.01. In the final individual race, Bolt won the bronze medal at 9.95, 0.01 behind Silver Medalist Coleman and 0.03 for World Champion Justin Gatlin. Bolt was defeated in the main championship for the first time since the 4×100 meter relay of the 2007 World Athletics Championships. Also, In the 2017 World Athletics Championship, Bolt participated as an anchored runner for Jama’s 4×100 meter relay team. Expecting that many would be in their final competition, Bolt apparently fell into a train after a hamstring injury. Moreover, He refused to enter a wheelchair and crossed the finish line with the help of his fellow players.

2016 Rio Olympics

Bolt took part in the 200 meters before the Olympics. Which was 19.89 seconds to win at the London Grand Prix, which was the only score scored at that distance. Moreover, There were four varieties of over 100 meters, although only one was in Europe. Also, And in Kingston, 9.8 seconds, his best score was put forth in the world’s seasonal ranking.

In the previous season, Gattlin was seen in better form, with the seasonal best bet for 9.80 and 19.75 seconds for the first and second rows in the sprint. Doping 2016 at the Athletics was a major issue before the Rio Olympics. Moreover, Which banned the Russian track and field team for state doping. Also, And Bolt commented that he did not have any problems with doping controls: “I have no problem with the drug testing. I remember every day in Beijing that they were drug-testing us “. It reduced the embarrassment of opponent Tyson Gaye from the start of Bolt’s career, showing the day’s obscurity, “It really bothered me – really, really bothered me”.

2015 Beijing World Championship

100 meters in the world championships, Bolt won the semi-finals 9.96, which won the Gattlin 9.77-second semi-finals. However, Gatlin did not match the form in the final. Moreover, When Bolt revised the round. In a short victory, Bolt sprayed 9: 9 9 to 9 .80 seconds on the line to defeat Gatlin. Bolt joined the record 100 meters world title with Carl Lewis and Maurice Greene.

2014 Injury and commonwealth Game

Also, In March 2014, a recurring injury from Bolt’s knee gave him the opportunity to train for nine weeks. Moreover, Receiving surgery, Bolt participated in the 4 × 100-meter relay of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Not in the form of Peak, Bolt said that he participates in the games for the fans. And is showing his progress through injury. Bolt and his teammates won 4 × 100 meters relay in 37.58 seconds – a record of Commonwealth Games. Also, In 2014, there was no Olympic or World Championship, this year’s biggest competition for Bolt.

2013 World Championship

Moreover, Bolt failed to record under 10 seconds in the opening season. And its first major 100-meter race in 2013 at Golden Gala. He served the unpredictable defeat of Justin Gatlin, in which Bolt’s 9.95 was US $ 9.94. Also, Bolt denied this loss that at the beginning of the year there a cortex problem. And responded to Gately: “I do not know how many people have removed Bolt but it’s an honor”. Moreover, To hurt John Blake, Bolt won the Jamaican 100-meter title before Camer Bailey-Cole and went 200 meters ahead. Which was won by Warren Weir. Prior to the 2013 World Championships at athletics. Bolt set the world’s leading time in the Sprites, London’s 9th anniversary in London’s Games, 9.85 for 100 meters, and 19.73 for 200 meters in Paris.

2012 Summer Olympic

However, at the 2012 London Olympics, he won the 100m gold medal with a time of 9.63 s, improved his Olympic record. And saved his gold medal with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Blake was silver winner with time of 9.75 seconds. After the race, Trinidad and Tobago’s seventh-ranked Richard Thompson announced that “he is the greatest sprinter of all time”. While the U.S.A. Todd called Bolt Jamaican “national hero” and noted that his victory came only a few hours earlier. Jamaica had to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence from the United Kingdom. Moreover, With his 2012 victory. Bolt became the first person to defend the Olympic sprint title with Carl Lewis in 1988.

2011 World Championship Usain Bolt

Also, In the 2011 season, Bolt undefeated over 100 meters and 200 meters. He won in Rome and Ostrava in May. In Oslo, he ran 200 meters in a year and was the world’s leading leader in June and 19.86 seconds. The second 200 meters victory came in Paris and Stockholm, which made 100 meters in Monaco. Although it was ranked 10th in the second place, compared to Asfa Powell before world championships.

 2010 Diamond League And Broken Streak

Similarly, At the start of the 2010 outdoor season, Bolt ran 200 meters for the fourth fastest race in Kingston, Jamaica.Moreover.  In 2009, although he said he did not have any recordable ambitions for the upcoming season. He won a comfortable victory at the beginning of the 2010 IAAF Diamond League at the Shanghai International Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Grand Prix in May at the Colorful Dengue East-championship meeting in East Asia. Bolt tried to break Mitchell Johnson’s best time in a rare 300 meters competition at Golden Spike meeting in Australia. Also, He failed to get Johnson’s ten-year-old record with 30.85 and suffered a shock. Because he left it with a 30.97-second run in wet weather with acetyl conduction problem.

2009 Berlin World Championship

Bolt started the season in a competition of more than 400 meters to improve his pace, winning two races and registering for 45.54 seconds in Kingston. Moreover. And hurricane ended the first sub-10 second of the 100-meter season in March.

After the 2008 Olympics

Bolt A.F.F. at the end of the 2008 athletics season Competition in the Golden League. Which began with the Web classes Zurich. Despite a slow start among his rivals in the 100 meters competition. Also, He still crosses the final line in 9.83 seconds.

 2008 Summer Olympics

Bolt announced that he would be doubling the events of 100 meters and 200 meters at the Beijing Summer Olympics. And the new 100-meter world record holder was both favorite to win. Michael Johnson, who is 200 meters and 400 meters, personally supports the runner. And says that he does not believe that lack of experience will work against him. Bolt qualified for the quarterfinals and semi-finals, with a timing of 9.92 seconds and 9.85 seconds, with a 100-meter final.

World Record Breakers

The 2007 Osaka World Championship silver medal boosted Bolton’s desire to run. And he took a more serious and more mature attitude towards his career. Bolt continued to grow in 100 meters, and he entered the Kingston’s Jamaica Invitational to enter the planned event. On May 3, 2008, Bolt spent 9.76 seconds with a tail air of 1.8 meters. Which was best improved from 10.03 seconds. Also, This was the second-fastest legal appearance in the history of the event. Asha Powell was second in the history of Italy in the last year’s record of 9.74. Rival Tyson Gay praised Bolt’s form and technique, praised the performance. Watching the race, Michael Johnson says that he was shocked about how quickly he improved it at a speed of 100 meters. Also, Jamaican himself was surprised by the times. But coach Glenn Mills is confident that there is more to come.

2004-2007 Early Career

Also, Under the guidance of new coach Fu Itz Coleman. Bolt became professional by starting with the CARIFTA Games in Bermuda in 2004. Moreover, He became the first junior runner to run within 200 meters twenty seconds, taking the world’s junior record away with a time of 19.93 seconds.

Personal bests

VenueDateRecordsNotes This would equal an average speed of 41.38 km/h (25.71 mph).

Moreover, Bolt’s 9.63 is the Olympic record, set at the 2012 games.200 metres19.19Berlin, Germany20 August 2009 Also holds the Olympic record with 19.30, which was then (2008) a world record.

150 metres14.35Manchester, United Kingdom17 May 2009World bestHe ran the last 100 m in 8.70, the fastest ever recorded time over a 100 m distance.

Event Time (seconds)
100 metres 9.58 Berlin, Germany 16 August 2009 Also has the second fastest time (9.63) and shares the third fastest time of 9.69 with Tyson Gay and Yohan Blake.
300 metres 30.97 Ostrava, Czech Republic 27 May 2010 This is the third fastest time, behind Wayde van Niekerk 30.81 & Michael Johnson 30.85A. The event is not recognized by the IAAF.
400 metres 45.28 Kingston, Jamaica 5 May 2007 4 × 100 metres relay 36.84 London, England 11 August 2012 Shared with Yohan Blake, Michael Frater, and Nesta Carter.



Season’s bests

Year 100 metres 200 metres 400 metres
2001 21.73 48.28
2002 20.58 47.12
2003 20.13 45.35
2004 19.93 47.58
2005 19.99
2006 19.88 47.58
2007 10.03 19.75 45.28
2008 9.69 19.30 46.94
2009 9.58 19.19 45.54
2010 9.82 19.56 45.87
2011 9.76 19.40
2012 9.63 19.32
2013 9.77 19.66 46.44
2014 9.98
2015 9.79 19.55
2016 9.80 19.78
2017 9.95 –



International competitions

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes

World Youth Championships

Debrecen, Hungary 5th (semis) 200 metres 21.73
2002 World Junior Championships Kingston, Jamaica 1st 200 metres 20.61
2nd 4 × 100 m relay 39.15 NJR
2nd 4 × 400 m relay 3:04.06 NJR
2003 World Youth Championships Sherbrooke, Canada 1st 200 metres 20.40
Pan American Junior Championships Bridgetown, Barbados 1st 200 metres 20.13 WYB
2nd 4 × 100 m relay 39.40
2004 CARIFTA Games Hamilton, Bermuda 1st 200 metres 19.93 WJR
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 5th (heats) 200 metres 21.05
2005 CAC Championships Nassau, Bahamas 1st 200 metres 20.03
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 8th (Final) 200 metres 26.27

World Athletics Final

Stuttgart, Germany


200 metres


IAAF World Cup Athens, Greece 2nd 200 metres 19.96
2007 World Championships Osaka, Japan 2nd 200 metres 19.91
2nd 4 × 100 m relay 37.89
2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China 1st 100 metres 9.69 WR OR
1st 200 metres 19.30 WR OR
2009 World Championships Berlin, Germany 1st 100 metres 9.58 WR
1st 200 metres 19.19 WR
1st 4 × 100 m relay 37.31 CR
2011 World Championships Daegu, South Korea DQ[285] 100 metres
1st 200 metres 19.40 WL
1st 4 × 100 m relay 37.04 WR
2012 Olympic Games London, United Kingdom 1st 100 metres 9.63 OR
1st 200 metres 19.32
1st 4 × 100 m relay 36.84 WR
2013 World Championships Moscow, Russia 1st 100 metres 9.77
1st 200 metres 19.66
1st 4 × 100 m relay 37.36
2014 Commonwealth Games Glasgow, Scotland 1st 4 × 100 m relay 37.58 GR
2015 World Relay Championships Nassau, Bahamas 2nd 4 × 100 m relay 37.68
World Championships Beijing, China 1st 100 metres 9.79
1st 200 metres 19.55 WL
1st 4 × 100 m relay 37.36 WL
2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1st 100 metres 9.81
1st 200 metres 19.78
1st 4 × 100 m relay 37.27
2017 World Championships London, United Kingdom 3rd 100 metres 9.95
8th 4 x 100m relay DNF




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