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26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

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It has been eight years since ten years, which stood in the financial capital of the country and for three consecutive days, Mumbai was wrapped in terror. Eight years later, Mumbai was brought to the knees.

Till November 2008, terror was linked to the terrible people in the country’s controversial borders. For the first time, the bubble of the shelter of comfortable and elite people was eroded in India. It was also the first time that foreign nationals were targets of attacks, in which local disasters were transformed into one form, which made significant international ramifications.

But the most important reason for 26/11 was on public sentiment. Earlier, there was an increase in the public debate due to the terrorist attacks, which discussed the role of every element of society to stop terrorism. From the politicians the country’s security agencies are sent to the media, everyone has failed in its response that ultimately claimed the lives of 166 people.


The Taj Mahal Palace’s front-dome image includes a large round of smoking, which etched in every Mumbaikar recollection. It trapped inside just hundreds or multiple bombings and shoots or the fact that the iconic five-star hotel puts under the siege for the longest time, the danger of the fact that the Taj faced the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks. Rather, the attack on the crown more powerful symbolically. It was a shameless fight against the most prosperous and celebrated in the financial capital. It was a cruel strike on an establishment depicting the emergence of an entrepreneurial elite class in India.

26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

For more than 60 hours, Mumbai places a symbol of prosperity on the mercy of four heavily-armed terrorists.

9:38 pm: Two of the four terrorists, Abdul Rahman Bada and Abu Ali reached the main entrance of the tower department, crude RDX bombed in front of a nearby police post. AK 47s, armed with ammunition and grenades, they made their way into the lobby area, firing at everyone and everyone caught in their sight.

9: 43 pm: The other two terrorists, Shoaib and Amir, entered the palace’s La Pete and started shooting guests in the area of the pool.

The bodies of four foreigners killed by terrorists with the Surat security force Ravindra Kumar and Labrador Pratipi.

Afternoon: 12:00 am: The Mumbai Police surround the Taj from midnight. Many guests inside the hotel kept in the small room at this time by the staff.

At 1:00 pm: A bomb blast occurred at the hotel’s central dome and there was a large fire in the building.

3:00 am: Arriving at the army and fireman location

4:00 am: The first round to vacated. Two groups formed by the sea commando. The first group safely out, the other group one of them, Tomato Cook Gautam Singh, who seen by the terrorists while they were on the exit. He shot dead.

November 27 (Thursday) 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

6:30 am: 200 commandos trooped from New Delhi to Mumbai and took charge of the rescue operations in Taj and Oberoi. The government ordered the house to provoked in the subsequent hours, evacuated to the rest of the place.

10:30 am: Report from within the round building of the gun battle.

4:30 pm: The terrorists set fire to the room on the fourth floor of the house.

November 28 (Friday) 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

14: 53- 15:59 pm: Ten grenade explosions that appear inside the place.

At 7:30 am: There was a round of explosion and firing.

November 29 (Saturday) 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

8:00 am: Also, Indian commando announced that the Taj removed from all the terrorists.

When NSG and medical teams made the house clean after full migration, the fire department was still calling the last fire in the building. The number of accidents … dead and … wounded. St, George Hospital, and JJ Hospital coming to the body of the bag. Parents full of their ability because of patients in a blood-filled and tear-filled sheet.


Oberoi-Trident is another sign of luxury and prosperity in Mumbai that came under the deadly attacks of 26/11 attacks. In terms of spatial capabilities, the rescue operation at Oberoi-Trident was very slow, much larger than the Taj Mahal hotel. Both are hot-internet, among them 800 rooms. A large number of hostages surrounded the crown. In addition, bureaucratic failures lead security forces to be able to enter the evening building.

Oberoi-Trident visits a large number of foreign tourists to India and is on the night of 26/11. Foreign nationals reported being the main issue of the target for terrorists. By the time of the siege in Oberoi-Trident, 143 rescued. And 24 bodies found.

10: 10 am: The beginning of the gangsters from the gate of the Trident and was the first to hunt the door. Two gunmen walked into the welcoming area and opened fire. Hotel employees, including Bellows and hotel management trainees, have injured because two gunmen opium went to Dan Bar, Tiffin and later Kandahar restaurants.

Two gunmen went to the spa at the Mezzanine level and killed two Thai males, after which they stopped the grenade explosion at the lobby level.

November 27 (Thursday)  26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

12:00 am: Rapid Action Force establishes itself outside the building. Friends and relatives of trapped people waiting to hear about their loved ones, hoping that they would save.

6:00 am: The police returned again as the NSG operation started at Oberoi.

6:45 pm: Explosions and gun battles continue throughout the day. NSG and military personnel have wounded. The batches did to evacuate the captives. Now 31 people rescued.

7:25 pm: Moreover, 4th floor has reported having broken.

November 28 (Friday) 3:00 PM: Rescue operations at Oberoi have come to an end and both terrorists killed. As reported by Ritu Sarin, at the end of 40 hours of trigger alert in Oberoi, the site haunted like a camp.


Two terrorists conducted shooting inside the city while two other metros went towards the cinema. Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist who was alive by the police, was one of the four gunfire at the railway station. The attack killed 52 people and injured more than 100 people. Moreover, The firing was about 10:45 am.

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