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Landon Introduces Pollution Charge

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The old, more polluting cars will have to pay a £ 10 charge to run in central London on 23 October, the city mayor said.

He confirmed that he would go ahead with the fee, which would know as T-Charge. Sadiq Khan said: “He lives in a city. Where the air is poisonous and many of our children are moving forward with problems of the lungs. If we do not make extreme changes we will not protect the health of our families in the future.

“That’s why, on the 14th anniversary of the Congestion Charge. I have confirmed that we are moving forward with the biggest emission standard of a big city, which comes to our streets since October 23.”

This announcement made after fresh warnings this week about the poor quality of London air conditioning.

He talked to the online vehicle tester after launching the Transport Online Vehicle Tester for the London website. So that the drivers can check whether their vehicle will be affected by the T-charge, whose introduction is with the beginning of the autumn half-term.


Landon Introduces Pollution Charge

The most polluting vehicles expected to recover 10,000 most polluting vehicles every week, as they will be applied to motorists, which will apply to the U.O. 4 standards do not match – especially diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006.

It will work on top, and at the same time, as a crowd charge. Which means that between7 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday, the cost of £ 21.50 per day for running a pre-Euro 4 vehicle in the center of London.

London increases the number of cities around the world, taking action against the rising air pollution. In Paris, more polluting vehicles now restricted from Monday to 8 o’clock in the evening.

Khan had started consultation on T-charge proposals for children in Great Omamand Street Hospital in June last July. Whose chief executive Dr. Peter Stier said at the time, “The mayor’s drive to clean the air of the capital is excellent news for our patients and staff. Children in immense polluted areas are four times more likely to reduce the function of lungs. Though preventing and reversing this effect to improve air quality. Has come. “

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In the UK, air pollution caused by approximately 40,000 premature deaths each year. And in April the Parliament given the “Public Health Crisis” label by the Cross-party Committee. The government has faced a new legal challenge to the adequacy of its plan to tackle this issue. Which had already lost the previous case in 2015.

In the research published last year, Khan had crossed the level of safe legal pollution in the areas showing numerous schools in the capital. Their plan to cut air pollution include the ultra-low emission zone outside Central London on North and South circular routes from 2019. Drivers do not pay UHZ and new £ 10 and later will not apply to taxis.

Other suggestions for resolving the issue include the National Diesel Scrappage Scheme, which the government has to implement. Some MPs support owners to scrap their car, but other groups argue that money will well spent on public transport and cycling and walk.

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London has brought new levy on the oldest and most polluted cars entering the city centre from Monday, almost twice that the motorists will have to pay in the recent losses for diesel.

Drivers already charge 11.50 pounds ($ 15) for the financial district and parts of West London under the crowd charge. But driving a petrol and diesel vehicles registered before 2006 will require an additional 10 pounds.

2015 VolvoVagan announced plans to focus on cutting emissions from diesel emissions including emissions fraud. Especially in major cities including Madrid, Paris and Athens, with restrictions, penalties and restrictions.

The new charge can encourage motorists to switch to Greener models in one of Europe’s largest cities. Because Mayor Sadiq Khan hopes that the new levy of toxic reduction will known as T charge. It is helping to save thousands of lives every year.

“Air is bad, but it’s a killer,” he told Reuters. “There are children in London whose lungs underdeveloped. Due to asthma, adult quality due to poor quality air due to strokes from asthma is the adult.”

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According to Khan’s office, taxes will charge on 34,000 vehicles per month. A small proportion of 535,000 vehicles in this area. But by the end of 2020, it sets tones for future policies, including ultra-low emissions zones.

Although the charge will affect the old petrol car. Even though diesel has been defamed in the last few years, sales of Europe’s second largest car market have dropped by 14% this year, as petrol demand is increasing.

“The budget is coming up and the government has taken steps to help families and businesses to announce the diesel scrappages scheme,” Khan Khan, the Labor Party’s main opposition party, said.

The British Conservatives government said this year that the sale of new diesel and petrol cars will ban by 2040. But they have shortened the immediate program to encourage drivers to do business in their old models.

Will the 40,000 Uber drivers continue to operate one of the three private hired vehicles operating in the British capital. And will have the major impact on the streets of London in the years ahead.


The city’s transport regulator snatched its licenses last month to Silicon Valley taxi application. But the company can work until the appealing process exhausted, which can take many years.

After discussing this month between Mike Brown, commissioner of Uber’s Global Chief Executive Dara Khosarshahi and Commissioner for Transport (TFL), Khan said more negotiations could do.

“It is possible that if the global CEO continues the conversation with the TFL Commissioner it is a proper action,” he told Reuters.

“Whenever you can avoid litigation, you should avoid litigation but I appreciate that Uber appeals to TFL’s decision. We have to wait and see how it will come out.”

This Rules Apply to all over the world.

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