North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

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Kim Jong-An or Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers Party of Korea (WPK) and North Korean leader. Kim Kim is the second child of Jong-Isle and Ko Yong-hui. Also, Kim saw publicly before taking power, and Kim and many of his government’s activities were unaware. Such as the year that he was born, and the fact that he was actually attending Western school under an alias is also difficult.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is confined to the birth date and early childhood mystery. It is believed that he the third and youngest son of Korean military leader Kim Jong-il (also written Jong Il), who ruled North Korea since 1994 under the Communist Workers Party; And grandson of Kim Il-Sug, grandson of his father, his father’s predecessor.

Kim Jong-un’s mother opera singer Ko Young-Hae, who had two other children, and believed to have preached to Kim Jong-un to succeed her father before her death in 2004. Kim Jong-il interested in Kim Jong-il, Jong-UN, noted that he saw his own nature in youth. It also believed that Kim Jong-un can educate abroad before participating in the Kim Il-Song Military University (on the name of his grandfather) in Pyongyang’s capital in the mid-2000s.

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Kim Jong-Ea started designing Kim Jong-un for succession in 2010. After the death of his father in December 2011, Kim Jong-n’s assumption power believed to be at the end of his 20th time.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

On December 28, 2011, Kim declared the supreme leader following his father’s state funeral. Chairman of Kim Korea’s Workers Party, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of State Affairs Commission, Supreme Commander Korean People’s Army and Presidential Council Member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Korean Workers Party. On July 18, 2012, the Korean People’s Army became the Minister for North Korean Marshals, their position as the supreme commander, armed forces and often referred to by the state media as Marshall Kim Jong-un or “martial”. Kim received two degrees, one in Kim Il-Sung University and one of Kim Kim Iyeng Military University as Army Officer.

On December 12, 2013, the official North Korea news organizations released that because of the alleged “traitor”, he ordered the execution of his uncle Jag Song-fatigue. On June 9, 2014, Kim Jong-un, the Supreme People’s Assembly. He is the first North Korean leader born after the country’s establishment. Kim Jong-un is widely believed to have ordered the murder of Kim Jong-Nam in his half-brother, Malaysia in February 2017.

9 strange laws in North Korea will be glad you’re living in India 

ü There are only three channels on TV and you have to watch only those.
ü The ‘three generations of punishment’ rule will give you a nightmare.
ü All men and women should only cut their hair according to 28 government approved hairstyles!
ü The country has its own basketball rules.
ü You need an approval from the government to live in the capital.
ü Parents who send their kids to schools expected to provide desks, chairs, building materials.
ü Owning a Bible is illegal in North Korea.
ü Apple Inc., Sony, and Microsoft are not allowed to distribute their products to North Korea.
ü You cannot smuggle in the western literature about North Korea
Strange facts about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
His real age is a mystery [North Korean leader Kim Jong-un]

He considered the youngest ruler in the world, but he has no key to any real birthday. It believed that he born either in 1983 or 1984. In 2016, the US Treasury Department lists their date of birth as 8 January 1984. He is the youngest son of Kim Jong-il, the “supreme leader”.

He attended the best Swiss school using a fake name

Kim Jong-un entered Switzerland’s top private school in Switzerland’s capital, but it proved to be academically poor. Chicago Bulls Sweatshirt and Nike shrouded in shoes, they are from North Korea to Pakistan. Money was spent exclusively on their education, but they more interested in music and basketball, a game that they still have passion, studying them. There is no improvement in his grades in mathematics and science, his father moved him to Swiss State School, where placed in a lower grade.

His addiction to Swiss cheese is the source of his chubbiness

In Switzerland, Kim was a Swiss paneer. Emmental is responsible for their consumption of bush and lumbering walks. Every year, a large number of paneres imported to satisfy their desires.

He is a military commander with no training

When his father died in 2011, he took the order of the North Korean Army. With practically any experience in the armed forces, the world shore controls its nation’s military, so it is finally.

He underwent surgery to resemble his grandfather

For some people, plastic surgery is a tool to improve their appearance, but Kim Jong-un’s goal was to look like his grandfather, Kim El-Sug. He wanted to appear as a North Korean father.

He has executed many of his family members

Kim Jong-un, in December 2013, ordered the execution of his uncle, Jung Song-tired, who accused of conspiracy against the state. Some reports suggest that they fed for wild dog packs, while some believe they killed by a firing squad.

When his aunt opposed the execution, he also became silent. Reports say it was a poison.

His brother Kim Jong-Nam also accused of killing Malaysia. The case is still under investigation.

Suspected Weapons Testing

Under the authority of Kim Jong-un, North Korea believed to have weapons-testing programs. Although in February 2012, agreeing to stop nuclear testing and ending long-range missile launch, the satellite launched in the country in April 2012, which failed soon after takeoff. After that, in the same year of December, the government launched a long-range rocket in which the satellite placed in orbit. US (U.S.) government believed that these protests are to cover work and testing on ballistic missile technology.

After In February 2013, North Korea conducted its third underground nuclear test. This act arrested by the international community including the United States, Russia, Japan and China. In the face of more restrictions, analysts have said that Kim’s armistice has focused continuously, while the US. Called for a peace negotiation. North Korea is a strategic strategist and is a strategy to strengthen its position as a regional leader.


By September 2016, the US Despite the history of the restrictions imposed by the country, the country undertook its fifth underground nuclear test. Other countries criticized the move and demanded North Korea’s ineffectiveness, South Korean President Park Juan-High was particularly concerned about security. Current weapon test and Kim’s mental condition

In February 2017, North Korea described its state media as a medium long-range ballistic missile. In which Kim said to be present at the site to monitor. This test has resulted in more shock from the international community and the immediate U.N. Security Summit Meeting

North Korea says Trump has ‘lit the wick of war’ and that it is ready to ‘settle the final score with a hail of fire’

North Korean Foreign Minister accused President Donald Trump of his country and the US. Due to being “war-torn”, the United States will make to pay with “the hail of fire”.

US The tension between North Korea and North Korea has increased sharply in recent months as Trump Administration has struggled to fight with international allies in Kim Jong-un’s expansion nuclear and ballistic weapons program. The words of Reyung Ho are the latest episode of the more adverse barb in the trade between Mr Trump and Pyongyang’s regime.

Moreover, Russia’s TASASS News Agency quoted Mr Ria as saying: “In the United Nations, its trumpet in Trump, and a mad statement, you can say that we are waging war against us.”

VISIT: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

During his address to the United Nations General Assembly in September, Mr Trumpp declared. That if he forces himself or his colleagues to defend himself, he will “completely destroy North Korea”. The President added that when the US Having “great strength and patience,” its options to deal with a different nation can soon come out.

Mr Trump has referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “rocket man”.

The speech came a week after the UN Security Council voted to allow North Korea to vote for the sixth and largest nuclear test; many other rocket tests conducted this year.


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